Monday, August 13, 2007


On Friday, I went to Nina’s house!! It was a very cute house and I thought I wanted to live in the house like that. I met Nina’s family. Her husband is so kind, and her daughter is so cute!! I was happy that I could meet them. After that, I went to Karaoke!! I had not been to karaoke since I was in the second grade in high school. So I really enjoyed it and I was happy to see smiles on the face of all the participants^^

On Saturday, I went to Annapolis by bus. It was the very nice and beautiful place!! I wish I could have stayed there longer. I want to visit there again. After exploring Annapolis, I enjoyed cruising. My friend and I were on the top of the boat, then wind and wave made us so excited. After I returned to College Park, I went to eat dinner with the mentors. Then I explored the university with my roommate. We talked about many things. It is called “girl talk”. I love it!!

Now, I have drunk Bubble tea for four days!! I really like it and my favorite flavor is honey milk tea^^ I want to drink it today, too :)


Hiromi said...

Hello, Shiori!
It seems that you're obsessed about your favorite bubble tea. ^^ Honey milk tea...hmmm it sounds really yummy. I hope to see what it looks like to imagine how it tastes!

Nina Liakos said...

Is karaoke here different from karaoke in Japan?

We were so happy to be able to invite all of you to our house last week. I am glad you had a good time!

Dennis said...

Hello, Shiori.

I think you and your classmates had a wonderful time at Nina-sensei's house. I admire Nina-sensei very much and think she is a very, very special person.

I'm also glad you had a good time at the karaoke place. Everyone seems to have a good time when there is a karaoke machine.

The trip to Annapolis and the cruise also sound really enjoyable. I've never visited Annapolis, but I would like to.

And of course the "girl talk" must have been a lot of fun!

I'm glad you're enjoying your visit to the U.S. I'm sure you'll take many wonderful memories with you when you return home.

Best wishes--

Dennis in Phoenix