Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Good afternoon!! I went to Pentagon city yesterday. There is a huge shopping mall and I was very surprised. I went to many shops, for example, Bath &Body Works or Sweets Factory. Both of them are my favorite shops!! I walked around with my friend, Kana, and we talked in English all the time. It was good practice to speak English and I enjoyed it :-) I ate cinnamon pretzel for dinner at Auntie Anne’s. It was really good!! It reminded me of my junior high school days because I used to eat it when I had lived in Indonesia. At last, I bought two earrings, and I was happy because the mentors chose the best one for me. I thanked them. I walked a lot yesterday, so I’m very sleepy today. I’m looking forward to going to supermarket after class.


Berta said...

Hi Shiori, congratulations on making an effort to talk to your Japanese friends in English. Sometimes one feels funny to do so, but it takes perseverance and will to do it and as the saying goes: "Practice makes perfect", so the more you practice English, the better it will be.
I hope to see a picture of the nice earrings you bought yesterday. I also love earrings and wear a different pair almost everyday.

Nina Liakos said...

Your whole dinner was a connamon pretzel?? Weren't you hungry later? Your post contained 2 surprises for me: (1) I didn't know you lived in Indonesia when you were younger, and (2) I didn't know there were cinnamon pretzels in Indonesia!

Hiromi said...

Hello, Shiori!
I've liked Bath and Body Works since I went shopping to the mall in San Francisco. ^^ So I wish I were there with you guys to go the shop! Hahaha~.

Wow~, you've talked with your Japanese friends in English? I'm sure it'll help you learn speking English a lot!