Monday, August 6, 2007

The fifth day

Today is the fifth day of my trip!!
I don’t have jet lag nowJ
I went to see the monuments and walk a lot yesterday, so I could know American history.
I ate Japanese noodles for a lunch and drank bubble tea at night.
It is hot and humid everyday.
Today I will be able to eat special ice cream!!


Ji Won said...

The hot and humid weather will hopefully go away in a few days.. I'm glad to know that you're having a great time here! Yay for ice cream~! ^^

Laura said...

Bubble tea!! It's one of my favorite treats! During the semester, many of my friends and I go to drink bubble tea after class.

Nina Liakos said...

It's hard to believe you have been here 5 days already. Time goes so fast! Did you have bubble tea at Ten Ren? Is bubble tea popular in Japan?

Dennis said...

Hello, Shiori.

I'm glad you've recovered from jet lag!

I hope you have good memories of the monuments in Washington, DC.

I'm also glad you were able to have some Japanese noodles. I like noodles, too, but I have a hard time eating them with chop sticks!

The bubble tea sounds delicious! I know what it is, but I've only had it once.

What kind of ice cream did you have? My favorite ice cream flavors are green tea (epecially with sweet red bean sauce) and coconut.

Enjoy your stay in the U.S.!

Dennis in Phoenix

Hiromi said...

Hello, Shiori!
I'm glad to hear that the jet lag had gone, so you now can sleep a lot! ^^ Also, I missed the bubble tea I had last year even though there's bubble tea in Japan!