Friday, August 10, 2007

Inter-American Development Bank

Good morning!! On Thursday, I played bowling with Laura and my friends. We played 5 games so I have sore muscles now :(

I went to Inter-American Development Bank yesterday. My major is International Economics so I’m interested in that. I ate lunch at Cafeteria in IDB, and it was very big. It was the second time that I ate fruits since I arrived in Maryland. After I finished lunch, I went to the conference room and heard the presentation about IDB. They explained how they became interested in working at the bank, and I was so impressed. I decided that I’m going to try to do something that I really want to do. After the tour of IDB, I went to Starbucks in Chinatown with my friend. I’m working at Starbucks in Japan, and I tried Shaken Blueberry Iced tea that I can not drink in Japan!! It was American taste!!


Hiromi said...

Hello, Shiori!
You played 5 games? You must be really tired. ^^ But I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed playing it!

Did you take the pictures of IDB? If you did, I'd like to see them after you go back to Japan. Also, seeing the Japanese work for the organization like that is so inspiring for you, right?

Finally, though you didn't seem to like it, but I want to try Shaken Blueberry Iced Tea at the Starbucks! Hahaha...

Laura said...

Sophia and I have also talked about what kind of work we want to do in the future, and we both agreed that it's the best if one could wake up in the morning and look forward to going to work! I hope you find something you really enjoy!

Berta said...

Hi Shiori,
How interesting that you work at Starbucks in Japan ... was there something too different from the Starbucks you visited in Maryland, apart from the different types of drinks? Is drinking coffee as popular in Japan too?
It must have been great to visit the IDB as you are studying international economics. It is always interesting to hear other people narrate how they became involved in their organizations. I am sure the Japanese officers from the IDB had remarkable stories to tell.

Nina Liakos said...

Blueberry iced tea sounds pretty strange to me! But I like Frappucinos.

Dennis said...

Hello, Shiori.

Five games of bowling? Wow! It's no wonder that you were tired! I hope that didn't interfere with your activities on Friday and the weekend!

I'm sure the visit to the IDB was very meaningful for you because of your major. It was also interesting to learn that you work at a Starbucks in Japan. Starbucks stores are just about everywhere! (I read, in this Wikipedia article, that there are Starbucks stores in at least 40 countries!)

I understand that Starbucks has a Blueberry Frappuccino Cream as well as a Blueberry Iced Tea. (See this Starbucks beverage list.) I haven't tasted either of these. I like blueberries, but I'm not sure whether I would like blueberry iced tea.

Continue to enjoy your stay in the U.S.!

Best wishes--

Dennis in Phoenix